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Hi all

i am a new x trail owner and literally only had the car for 10 weeks. unfortunately i purchased this privately and so no warranty!!

after having it for 4 weeks it started to loose power intermittently.There is no pattern of when it does it and was thought it was going into 'limp mode'. however, after having my mechanic and a nissan dealer run diagnostics no fault codes are being recorded. on a whim it was suggested that i replace the fuel filter, and since i did, it felt as though it was acceleration better and the problem solved. untill this morning when i lost power on my way into work, having gone 4 days, the longest period of time, with out faulting.

the problem i am experiencing is that at any given moment (high speeds, low speeds, in any gear, from a stand still, in all weathers and temperatures, on any distance journey) the car looses power, i can have the pedal to the floor and it will sometimes reach 35mph and others only 15-20mph. when i turn the engine off and on again it normally restores power on the 3rd try ( this could be more to do with the owner being impatiently sat on the side of the road, M roads included!)

i am dropping the car off with a diesel specialist on Weds, who is going to have a look over it and see if there is anything obvious but is a little scepticle about being able to fix the problem! any ideas or info welcome, i am at a loss as to what to do but love the car so would like to get it fixed.....within reasonable costs!

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Well the diesel specialist came up trumps and found a code that says the throttle position sensor is broken!!! i cannot believe that Nissan could not find a code after a day of driving it around.....suspicious me thinks!

also found out to my horror that whilst competitors charge £50 for this part Nissan will charge £400 for the part alone... how do they get away with such inflated prices!

So glad i have found out what the issue is, the mechanic is going to try and reset/ re-calibrate sensor (sorry if this is a bit basic), or something along those lines as this worked with a Jaguar he had in, however if this doesn't work i will be on the hunt for the part..... any ideas??

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Your problem remind me of the one i got with my 03' X-trail 2.2 VDI. Same loss of power, same symptons.
The first time i got her to the dealer they didn't find anything and even worse during the test drive the car didn't show
any loss of power (at that time you really look like a fool! :oops: ). a week after, doing a nother test drive with the mechanic, Hourra!!! loss of power. The mechanic told me that it was not the first time he saw that problem on a Xtrail.
It seems that there is even a note from Nissan concerning the replacement of faulty solenoid of the fuel pump (you could investigate towards those parts). That's what he did and from now on, no more problem.

I hope it will help you.

PS: Please, excuse my english if i've made any error but since i'm Belgian it is not my mother language. :oops:


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Hi there!

Ive had my 04 Xtrail since Jan 09 and up until now its been fantastic!! Up until i went on holiday, left it parked at home for 2 weeks and my 1st outing to the local shops and wham!! Loss of power as you've stated. Turn engine off/on and problem fixed.... for a while then engine management light comes on then goes off!!! No pattern to when this happens but was gonna take to nissan dealer for a diagnostic check, how much did nissan sting you for your negative check?


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Nissan dealer near me charged £56 plus the quarter of a tank of diesel they used aimlessly driving it round. i took it to a regular garage and they immediately found the fault when they ran it through the diagnostic machine, it turned out it was the throttle position sensor, which costs £400 to replace, however the mechanic reconditioned the one in the car and total cost of fix plus diagnostics test was £66!!! Bargain!

good luck with it, unfortunately it can be anything but as long as they can find a code it can be fixed.
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