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hi there..
my 2.0l petrol seems to use a lot of oil in comparison to other cars i have owned, i have checked many times and can find no leaks, and emmisions are fine, not smoky or anything, so am not ever so worried.. I just wondered how much oil other people use so i can see if its normalish for these cars or if i may have an issue..
Chris.. :confused:

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I have a TDi so not able to comment on petrol however, oil in our old girl (51 plate) with over 76000 no oil used at all.
None, not a drop zero.

Checked avery week after washing, serviced every 6 months regardless of miles done.

Enginge sounds like new when started, and goes A ok.

Horse box behind, no problems..

Enough said..Hope this helps. :biggrin:
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