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Hey you all.

Today I posted my pictures in my album here. From the beginning (1974) till my last Sunny coupé from the year 1987. I bought them all brandnew and most of them were white. Just because we're fond of white. Only one was lemon yellow (Cherry I, 1974) Beware: these are no pictures of my own cars, they're just Internet pictures. Gives you an impression of all the cars we had through all the last years. Nissan fan in heart and soul!! :thumbs: Just one note: The last Sunny Coupé GTi was the best car I ever had. (Sorry X-Trail) I know, this Sunny is another car, build in another another area, so why compare? Becouse you cannot compare a X-Trail with a Sunny Coué GTi.... That's why!
A little story: the GTi cylinder-head was a little bit less lower than the original, becouse the head must get off 'couse of a water leak. Therefore the compression was "a bit" higher.... (It was amazing how fast this car was afterwards....) At least 15/20 horsepower more. And it ran, it ran, it ran....

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa: I had two Fords. Will I burn in hell? :(
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