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I have a 57 plate T31 2.0 Diesel 173bhp X-trail. For a few weeks I have noticed on overrun, when changing gear or when lifting off to deccelerate a rattling, mechanical sound......this does not happen all the time.

The dealer has not heard it yet, but today on starting up, I got the orange engine light on - took it to the dealers and had error code P0235 (Turbocharger boost circuit A malfunction). They cleared the fault and said that it was OK after a test drive. I drove home 25 miles and was OK, until later today when I started her up and the orange light was on again.

The overrun noise and the turbo warning light leads me to believe that there is a turbo issue......any thoughts - the car has done 38,000 miles and is fully serviced ?

Cheers - Paul
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