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Firstly ,my apologies if this subject has been covered before I did a search but didn't turn up anything.
Intending to purchase two T30 X trails in the new year for myself and my wife . Probably be circa '06. Due to the high road fund tax over here in Ireland,the rates being €614 2.0 petrol and €823 for 2.2 diesel , I'm trying to establish the pros and cons betwen the two.
Economy aside ,because we have a couple of vans that are used daily , is there any advantage between the two. I'm particularily interested in any DMF , turbo and intercooler issues and any problems associated with the petrol version.
I do all the servicing and repairs on our vehicles so any hands on info would be of great value.
Looked for some time for a UK X trail site and am looking forward to familiarising myself on these cars .

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welcome there is no main probs with the xtrail,only big prob is the turbo on the dci....... i have a 2006 2.5 that has been converted to lpg and the running costs are better than the dci towing our caravan 34mpg and around town 50mpg plus at a cost 52p a ltr.the dci is a better at towing buy far but the turbo /intercooler worries me....... regards..mark
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