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This section is for people to learn how others have modified their Nissan X-Trail.

Do not start a thread in here unless it is to put together a how to guide. This is not the place to ask for a how to guide either - please do that in the General Discussion section

If you have a modification that you are about to carry out please take photo's at each step of the way and make notes. Once you have completed the mod please start a thread with the title indicating what the mod is for, and then create a post in that thread for each of the photos. Type in your notes with each photo.

It is suggested that while you are constructing your how to guide, you include the text UNDER CONSTRUCTION in the title. People reading the guides MUST NOT reply to any thread that has UNDER CONSTRUCTION in the title. Once you have completed your how to guide, simply edit the first post in the thread and remove the words UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Once the How To has been completed, the thread will be locked

Moderators have the right to alter any posts
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