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Since I purchased my X Trail in January Ive been looking for something to protect the top of the rear bumber from the kids scrabling in and out and scratching what was a once shiny finish. First found a black plastic stick on cover tailored to the individual car for just under £50 looked good and practical at GB CAR ACCESSORIES; ... 8c8f2c189f

I then found a source for a clear plastic film to cover the top of the bumper therefore keeping the shinny painted look, this stuff was apparently first designed to protect helicopter rotors from wear and damage so must be pretty tough. There is a small patch of similar stuff on the X Trail just infront of the the rear wheel arches so lord knows why they didn,t protect the bumper at the same time. It costs about £20 inc. delivery from Invisible Patterns ; ... -film.html

I've just stuck it on, I thought about filming it but the instruction vid on the web page is better than I could do and yes it is that simple. If fitting yourself just follow the instructions exactly and there is no need to rush at all. The film will not set untill you have finished and you can easily reposition it if necessary. Now it is on it also masks some of the minor scuffs and scrapes actualy improving the finish,
Well recomended.
jus :idea:
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