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The PIN that holds the rear folding seat in place has snapped in my hand today, does anyone know if these is a dealer only part?

My seats are also now locked in place which is OK for the time being.

Is this part easy to replace?

Thanks in a dvance for any suggestions.

Not having a good week my 2006 XT is falling apart, the locking wheel nuts disintegrated in the week, and my wipers packed in!

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clast07 said:
The plastic knob is intact its the internal metal pin that has snapped of in the back of the seat somewhere?
Did you open up the pdf file to identify the part like I said as you have a single rear seat as well as double seat.

R/H Single seat/Lock Rear Seat.Nissan Part No:886418H300

L/H Double seat/Lock Rear Seat.Nissan Part No:886918H500

Try and get one from scrap yard as this will be expensive from dealer.
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