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Had new tyres 3000 miles ago . Shocked to find the two rear tyres are worn down to 3mm of tread (front 7mm). Car hops on slippery corners and wanders on very icy roads. 4wd switch seems the same in all positions. Could the locked mode be stuck 'ON"? How can I test this and what is the likely cause. During the snow and ice over Christmas I did us the AUTO and LOCK position alot.

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I doubt if you are stuck in four wheel drive, if were you would very quickly know it as the transmission would wind up and there is no way you can miss that. When it does wind up it's like the brakes are on, the effect on drivability is really noticeable particularly around corners. Try driving forward in a tight circle, if the four wheel drive is stuck you will feel it. Don't over do it if stuck, drive in reverse weaving from side to side, this usually works with Landies and Jeeps. However if it has been stuck for long the transmission may have been damaged.
It is also possible that the rear wheels are well out of alignment, possibly taken a knock off road or clipped a kerb. This could also explain the higher than expected wear on the front as the car could be 'crabbing' to compensate. Your best bet is to get a four wheel alignment check. Costs about £40.

Regards: Kelba1946
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