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In an effort to get rid of the annoying 'bong' while driving off road I had a quick fiddle under the seats to find the sensor wire for the occupancy detection. Anyway to cut a long story short I removed the wrong one which caused an SRS alarm which didn't clear when all was put back. Should you find yourself in this position (which I don't recommend) the solution is quite simple:

Turn the ignition on and wait until the SRS (Airbag/pretensioner) light goes off. Within a second turn ignition off. Repeat a further two times. Next time you turn on you'll be in diag mode. When you turn things on again if you get a 2 second pause followed by a 3 second on, 2 second off repeated then all is well and the alarm is cleared. If you get anything else go and see someone qualified. If you then repeat the on/off 3 times you'll go back into user mode without an alarm.

Anyway, going back to my original problem - that ****** bong whenever I don't have a seat belt. As far as I can see there are 3 ways to fix it:

1 - remove the thing that goes bong
2 - Stop the **** detectors detecting when you're sitting on a seat
3 - make the belt clips think something is always there

For option 1 I would be concerned that the alarm is alarming for other things that are pretty useful to know about but I'm not sure. Can anyone else comment?

For option 2 I fear that if the car didn't think there was anyone there it wouldn't deploy the airbag or pretensioner. Anyone know? I'm having a look at the wiring diagram and haven't quite got it all worked out.

For option 3 I assume it is a simple open/closed circuit. As a result shorting a wire should cause the car to think the belt is on. Although this is the most simple and least likely to affect a safety critical system it is also the one that is hardest to undo when coming to sell it as I assume they're push to make rather than push to break type sensors.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi there, I'm new here.
Now then this annoying BONG your all on about. :cry:
As far as I can see , anyway, :? when you are OFF ROADING with no seat belt, to stop the bong simply PUT THE SEAT BELT in the holder first.
Then , wait for it.... :eek: .. sit in the seat, NO BONG....TARRRA!!!!
I hope this helps.
Can't be fussed with doing thing the long way round.

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Richard, where did you get the wiring diagram from? As an electrical engineer I'm very frustrated seeing all the wires and not knowing what they are for. I X trail is the first car that I have own where I have no info - Haynes / workshop manuals / wiring diagrams. I have looked on my usual source (e bay) but they only have info for the T30.
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