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Has anyone changed speakers / fitted sound-deadening / upgraded the amplification in the X Trail T30?

I've done a bit, but not finished yet.

I've purchased some equipment but so far just done a partial install:

Nakamichi CD400 head unit This comes with amber illumination that matches the dash perfectly, and has a great sound quality. It's not much to look at, but I prefer the understated look. It's the sound of the unit that counts, although the T30 is a bit noisy! I hope to address that problem soon.

Genesis Profile Amps I bought these after reading about someone else fitting them under the seats in an X Trail. They are a very compact design and a good british make with great sound quality. The plan now is to fit them stacked in the left-rear stowage area, under the boot floor. I have a 4-channel for the front speakers and a mono-channel to run a subwoofer.

Diamond D661 speakers These were an eBay bargain. I'd previously fitted some Infinity speakers but wasn't pleased with the sound. I'd read good things about the Diamond speakers so I sold the Infinity's when I saw these for sale. They sound great. It took a few weeks for them to 'play-in'. The detail is superb and they are a great match for the Nakamichi, even just running off the internal amp at low power. Can't wait to hear them played through the Profile amp!

Diamond CM3 10" Sub This, I plan to install in it's own custom made glass-fibre enclosure, in the luggage area. I think there's room to do this and still be able to lift the floor to get to the spare.

PPI eq31 Another eBay buy. I'm lucky enough to have a good mate who lives in the 'states, and can send me stuff over marked as a gift. This avoids the postman turning up asking for a ridiculous 'handling' fee. Saw this on and was the only bidder. It's not made anymore but seemed like a bargain - if it works! I decided I needed some control over the 'shape' of the sound. This unit sits inbetween the line-out of the head unit and the line-in on the amp(s).

PAC SWI-X The Nissan steering remote wouldn't work with the Nakamichi, but luckily the CD400 came with an Infrared remote control. The SWI-X 'learns' the signals from the remote and can be connected to the steering remote output lines. The transmitter is then fitted in line of sight with the headunit and away you go! I hid my transmitter in the centre console. It works really well, if not as instant as the hard-wired unit, but you get used to it quickly. Another buy from the 'states.

Other purchases include a beefy wiring kit to supply enough current to the amp's, some thicker speaker wire to run from the amp's to the speakers and also some sound-deadening mat for the inside of the door skins.

So far I've fitted the headunit, the door speakers, the SWI-X and also I trial-fitted the 4 channel amp with the previous speakers (Infinity Kappa) but haven't heard the newer speakers with it yet. I also fitted the deadening mat in the doors. The doors shut with a rather nice "thud" as a result, but to improve the mid-bass response of the speakers, some more work is needed. I've read that the holes in the inner skins need to be covered solidly to stop the 'back-wave' cancelling the 'front-wave'. The X Trail as a vehicle seems to suffer from a lack of mid-bass from what I read, whatever speakers you fit. Maybe the original speakers would respond a whole lot better if the doors were properly treated for sound enclosure? I'm planning to tackle that job in the summer - if time allows! Another job on my list is too purchase and fit some sort of insulation material in strategic places to make the darned car a bit quieter. This would, I think, improve matters greatly.

The most frustrating part of all this is tryng to find the time to strip-down the sections of the car needed to install the stuff properly. As many good car audio experts have told me, it's 10% gear, 90% installation. So taking time to fit it is crucial.

Well there you go. Just thought I'd share that with you- if anyone's interested! I'll post more when I've acheived more!

All the best!

I wouldn't know where to start I would love to link the sat nav to dvd for the long waits for the kids Ideas on a post card please.

We have an Alpine head unit with the stearing wheel link up harness.great for the i pod as it shows the track artist and loud enough to make the interior mirror vibrate on standard speakers.
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