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Just bought myself an X Trail and I'm looking to upgrade the head unit. I've got the standard single din head unit with the sat-nav screen above it.

What I'm wondering is where does the sat-nav get its TMC feed from I'm hoping that its not out of the stereo?

It's a 07 Adventura with the dvd player in the glove box if that helps.



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Hi Graham,
Firstly welcome to the forum. On my 55 plate if you pull the instrument surround cover off, it has four push clips get a firm hold and pull it towards you, behind the instrument cluster are the TMC receiver and GPS unit. My ones are labelled up with xanavi stickers, but I believe the later satnavs use a different company. I have been told by a audio specialist company that these will work with the kenwood headunit I want to fit.
Good luck with the upgrade
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