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Hi Guys

Would appreciate some info on a smell of burning & light smoke coming from the Turbo grille?
First noticed the burning smell a couple of days back when the XT would not accelerate while sitting in outside lane on dualer!!! Just would not answer to the pedal.
Taking it back to garage tomorrow but would appreciate any suggestions....


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Ibster said:
Defo sounds like the turbo unit mate. Let us know hoe you get on. :bigcry:
Hi Ibster - turns out it's the Intercooler that has a leak allowing oil to get on to the exhaust manifold.
Garage advises that Intercooler is not covered under their warranty!!!

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Probably Aug 05, then would be out of warranty, it is a known problem though, I had my intercooler replaced under warranty at about 1 year from new, depending on your mileage, you could try asking them to make a contribution to the cost.
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