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Just thought I would put up a few pics of my Australian T30. Sort of a spot the difference. From what I can tell it is pretty much the same as the UK T30 but I think you guys get more features

The Exy in the Snowy Mountains last winter

After a nice buff and polish

Dirty exy, after a 4WD trip (where I lost my front number plate)

Day at the beach

New nudge bar fitted last week (plus new number plate)

Front Strut brace

Australia Forum URL sticker

Clean again!

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Scottie said:
great pics. Is that wee dog I see in your car.
Yep, we have two, a Jack Russell (not pictured) and an Irish Wolfhound X Mastiff.

The Irish Wolfhound X Mastiff was the reason for getting the X-Trail, as he would not fit in our Corolla.

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We had an off road trip with the Australian Forum at the weekend. If any you would like to have a look you can find the write up

I have posted some pics of my exy below:

You can see from the first picture that we had no traction on standard tyres (Bridgestone Dueller H/T)

There was plenty of mud on the trip, great craic!

And here is a shot of the group before heading to the pub
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