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Hello you all. Last week I had a strange thing. In the morning, I took my car and drove away. In Holland we have B roads (Between villages, small, max 80 k.m. p/u) The car drove mighty hard to the right side of the road (We are right hand drivers) I have it fot three weeks now, and from the beginning it was doing that. A bit. First I thought about Camber, Caster, etc. I had a list of things that need to be repaired (it's second hand, 4 years young) so, I put it on it.
When I came home, my right tire seemed a bit flat. Pumped it up and see: 1.2 where 2.9 is normal! (Notice: both tires were brandnew!)
Phone: hello garage: I have a flat. They changed it for me and put the spare on. Brandnew! And there it began: the car seemed like a drunk skieer! Half throttle and is skated hard to the left! Tire was the same size, pressure was the same, only more "roady" where the flat one was a sort of desert dueller. Conclusion: the car is very sensitive for this kind of things (Spur) (by the way, it took three days to find the leak...) Are there more people who have this kinda experience? The car is in my opinion very sensitive. I spoke to an Quasquai driver who had the same experience. Anyone??
And if so: what was the solution? I think about a few degrees "Toe-in" more. (Is that the proper word for it?)
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