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I'm off to look at a 04 Plate 2.2dci SVE on Saturday.... its fully loaded and has a full Nissan history... 54,000 miles ... what do i need to be looking out for..???

Thanks in advance ...


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Hi Chunks,
We bought an 05 2.2 SVE 6 months ago with 32k on clock. It now has just over 40k on with no problems to write about so far. I gave it an oil & filter change when we got it putting fully synthetic 10w/40 in as recomended on here. It has been great so far. The missus uses it for her 45 mile daily commute to work and back, it is averaging over 38 mpg (town & country) which I feel is very good.
I was told to check for oil leaking from the intercooler, which can lead to a blown turbo.
The handbrake was u/s when we got it but followed adjustment instructions on here and its OK now. Recently had a slight misfire? engine judder which could be down to water in the fuel filter freezing (been down to minus 8 where we live) will check it out when the weather improves.
Will do a bigger service myself soon (42k) changing oil, all filters etc and checking/ replacing brake linings and pads as required.
A few things not so good though:
The cruise controls etc on the steering wheel are not iluminated at night... why not for gods sake, does no one drive at night.
Radio is poor, no basic.
Engine noisy on cold starts but then they all are.
Missus would prefer the tail gate to open to the right with the spare on the back of the door, like her old RAV 4.
But apart from the above I can honestly say it is a very good motor.
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