Hi to all help if possible
I would like a complete car for parts or front end or where I can get one.
my car has been written off due to family connection and extremely low mileage I would like to try to repair it economically If possible.
Hi to all, I have recently acquired a 2012 Tekna 2.0 Diesel manual .
Until monday when a idiot coming in the opposite direction Turned right at a set of traffic lights while I was going straight on driving across directly into my path and in to the front of me. The insurance are saying my car is a total loss due to cost of repair. Basically a new front end. I will be asking on the Forum if anyone is selling or braking a 2010 onwards T31 facelift or Tekna ? Wish me luck.if I am unable to source either parts or a donner car this will be the end of my brief ownership of an xtrail.
Thanks to all Jeffb