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hi all am new to this site sorry if in need introducing but i'm in a real pickle here. i own a 2001 xtrail 2.0 petrol. i took it upon myself to change the thermostat cos i was runnin a little hot. to my suprise when i took out the old one i noted the opening temp was 95c, when i spoke to nissan they told me it should be 82c, fair enuf but ive got the part now and it doesnt fit the housing or the block!!!!

should it really have a 95 degree thermostat?
wats the deal here cos i gave them the right chassis number, could i have an imported engine?

someone please help x :?

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And you gave them full details of your engine & chassis numbers? If so, they need to check why it doesn't fit and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you took the car in and showed them it doesn't fit. Also, not meaning to be rude, but you're not putting it in upside down or something? Can you post pictures of the two different parts and the housing?
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