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Hi guys,

2005 2.2dci 136 bhp 105000 miles

Read lots of info on here, but just wanted to be sure I understand and have all the parts and info before I start the job!

Had a small oil leak around timing chain cover area which I seemed to cure for a while by nipping up the bolts I could get to, but alas the problem returned a few months later. Looks like the awful job of removing and resealing is necessary, especially now I'm ready for an oil change. Few questions:-

What gaskets will I need? I think I'm right saying the timing cover is a blue hylomar sealant job but ive seen you need to remove the sump to get at a couple of hidden bolts and undo an engine mount with engine on a jack?

Does the sump have a traditional fibre gasket or is that a hylomar sealant job too?

Have I imagined it or have I seen a thicker/better more volume sump is available?

Should I replace the bolts on the sump with new ones as Ive seen a pack with the bolts and hylomar complete online

Does anyone have a "how to guide" showing the engine mount, torque settings etc?

Would you recommend replacing anything else while doing this job?

What would be the best possible brand/model sealant I can get to be sure I have the best change of a seal?

Thanks for your time and input

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