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Hi all,

Wonder if you can help me out.

I am hopefully very shortly going to get an X Trail 2.2 DCi Aventura which I am in the process of buying privately. It was purchased new in Jan 2007 and should in theory still carry the rest of the Nissan warranty. However because the previuos owner has let the service time elapse by a couple of months Nissan say the car is now not covered by the warranty - rather harsh i thought. Anyone else had similar experience ?

I have heard that in past years the diesel engines have been prone to turbo and EGR valve problems. Were these problems resolved in the later cars and were there any recalls on these issues?

Any help or advise would be appreciated.

The Engineer.

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Yep in the same boat, as i missed service on mine by 1 month (3,000miles on clock) as i was working away ! now in year 2 got 11,000 on the clock no probs at mo. and still got no warrantee on it !.
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