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Hi Ian,
We are on to out second XT, both the 2.2 Dci models. The first one had done 38k when we got it and this one had 37k on the clock. Both have leaked a little oil from the intercooler down the left side of the engine. Our first one was worse than this one, no turbo or intercooler problems on either (so far) All I do is once a week or so, check its getting no worse and if required just wipe it off. As for turbo noise, I think a little is normal. I have ran turbo diesels for years (15 or more) and they all whistle a little. After all it is a turbine spinning at very high RPM. Some cars were noiser than others (peugeot 406 were noisier) The Insignia I have now is very quiet with no turbo whistle at all. I would carefully steam all the oil off and then just keep an eye on it.
Hope this helps
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