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Hi Guys and Gals,
I have a 57 plate T31 fitted with Dunlop Grandtreck ST20 215/60 R17 96 H tyres with 6mm left all round, they also have on the sidewall , "All Season M & S" which I thought was Mud & Snow.
1st problem is that the tyre performance in the wet is very suseptible to tyre pressures, with the rain we have had recently and corresponding wet roads front end grip was poor in the wet, checked the tyre pressures one front ws 5 psi above what was recomended on the data plate inside drivers door, reset to recomended and wet grip improved.
2nd issue when I check the spec of these tyres on the Dunlop website these are definately ROAD tyres and have a poor rating for mud and snow.
3) I tow a caravan in all weathers and would hate to be embarrased trying to tow the van off a muddy fiels with these tyres, ( I have seen so many 4 X 4's have problems in the mud on road tyres)

Questions are: 1) anybody got experience on muddy fields with these tyres?
2) Anybody got any experience of Pirelli Scorpions for this sort of 4 X 4 action, (Recomended to me by the
"Honest John" website?

Apart from that the car is a good daily driver and excellent towcar for our 1300kg van.



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Hi bryno,

I too tow a caravan and have the Dunlops fitted to my car. I've not been over
impressed with the Dunlops both in the wet or with the van on the back on a
muddy rally field, however they have less tread left than yours have, this could be
the reason why.

I will be interested in the replies you get on this topic as I am considering buying
the Pirelli's when I come to change in the very near future.

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