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Notification of incoming phone call, volume level during phone calls and Parking sensor beep volumes. 2019 Tekna 1.7

Car collected yesterday and after going through the cars User manual, Settings and Menu features on the screen and steering wheel I cannot raise the volume of incoming phone calls or parking sensor "Beeps" (The volume control on the steering wheel and the radio during a call is at "Max")

Description of fault:
When receiving an incoming phone call the car radio volume level mutes automatically but the phones ring tone cannot be heard through the cars speakers
When accepting the call the callers voice volume level is very low and difficult to hear even when the phone volume level is set to "max"
I have asked the caller to ensure they are speaking directly into the microphone.

(Also the "Beep" volume for the parking sensors is also very low and needs turning up!)

I have tried the following:
1. Have checked the Bluetooth settings on the phone and the car and all appear to be OK.
2. Deleted my phone and reinstalled it
3. Played music from the I Phone (Via BT) this can be heard better than the phone but has to be turned up a little as it comes in at a lower level
4. Have paired 2 other phones with the same results.

I cannot find a "menu setting" to increase the volume level for either the phone voice level or reversing beep settings
In other vehicles I've owned (VW - Jaguar etc) their has always been separate volume settings for things like Sat Nav commands, Reversing Sensor Beep. Phone audio level etc buried in the cars "Settings Menu"

Would much appreciate a solution to this problem - Maybe its a menu / setting that I'm not able to access but the dealerships can?
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