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Hi there i'm new to the forum, having just got a 'new' motor... An 04 Plate SVE :thumbs:
The only thing is, is that the SAT NAV mapping disc is missing!! I have the Programme CD-ROM 25920 EQ300/VUR-6130G(EU) but not the X6.0 25920 AV602 DVM-X6030??? Its all greek to me! There seems to be loads of discs out there & I had a pal burn me his mapping disc from a 56 plate pathfinder but to no avail. Has anyone any idea what disc will work, do i need 1 or 2 discs? what else is compatible... HELP! If anyone has an old map disc as detailed above I'm willing to negotiate a reasonable price (not bothered about the latest version)

Thanks everyone.

I recall that there is a software disc and the map disc, but it should not need the software once it has been loaded. Yours has probably had a battery out and lost the software load. A later disc should be compatable and more upto date Is there no way you can borrow someones disc?
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