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Hi there, this is my first attempt to get help in a forum. I have also posted a problem, that the driver's door doesn't open. By investigating this problem, I created an other problem :(
To remover the inner door panel driver's door, I took off the top of the door handle with the window switches. This was fine, but when I tried to remove the big plug (I think 18 pin) the plug came apart and I had 17 loose cables and no idea where they go. I took photos in the hope, that these are the position they were in. After assembling the plug and testing it non of the four window switches worked. I assume the wiring is wrong at some or all places and could smell some burning. Not a good sign.
My question is, has someone a good photo of this big plug so I can identify the colours of the leads and put the leads in the right order?
Very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
PS. It is a RHD
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