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Hi there

I'm really hoping to get some advice on this before I tow my car to the Nissan main dealer.

My 03 Nissan 2.2 Diesel Sport won't start. After i finished work i fired the car up and it started fine. I was stationary with the engine ticking over fine for 5 minutes and when I went to set off the engine stalled and would not start again. The engine is turning over but it wont fire and run. The engine management light is on but goes off when firing but i think its on for an electrical fault. Diesel is drawing and there is half a tank of petrol. Battery is also fine

Can anyone else shed some light on this. I have had my mechanic out to this but he is not a Nissan expert but he belives it is an electrial fault of some sort?

Any ideas would be much appreciated as I could do without a huge bill.

Thanks in advace


* Sorry, please could a mod move this to the pre 07 forum. Apologies!*
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