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I have a 2002 2.2 xtrail , 65000 on clock FSH etc , one owner.
I had a problem last year with the car going into limp mode, this happened on and off for 6 months, however it never recorded any fault codes at all.

I eventually took th ecar th feathers diesel in halifax, who overhauled the fuel pump and alas the car was instantly perfect, that was 3 months ago, but now the car is playing up again, it has gone into limp mode a couple of times in the last week.

These are the symptoms I have noted:

drive the car hard- accelerates ok and appears to be fine.
drive the car say 20-40 mph and then lift the accelerator the car appears to judder, if driving like this is for some time the car eventually goes to limp mode`

Obviously there has always been a slight `lag in acceleration as expected,

I am pulling my hair out now! with it, the fuel filter under the bonnet was changed just befor the pump overhaul, feather did tell me that the output from the accelerator was very slightly over voltage, - could it be that?? any ideas guys/mechanics

Advice and help appretiated

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It appears only to happen between 1800-2500 rpm. It has thrown a code reffering to the throttle sensor - would this maybe mean the sensor is broke..
any ideas guys??

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Checking up on 'limp mode' issues as now have exactly the problem you describe.
Did you find a solution?

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