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 Post subject: As yet unsolved issue pls help.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:50 am 

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2014 1.6dci xtrail tekna. I’ve owned it from new be maintained by dealer about a year ago I had it lowered and also had powerflow name and fit a custom exhaust. I had only the rear silencer removed and a dual exit set up put in place of it. Move on 6 months and a whistling noise would be heard for a couple/few seconds when first pulling off from a cold start. The noise wouldn’t be heard again until the engine hadn’t been running for at least 20/30 minutes and then restarted again. Having driven the car everyday for 4+years before this whistle noise suddenly appeared. I thought best take it into Nissan. As soon as the head technician/mechanic heard the noise he advised it was the turbo. Under extended warranty the turbo was replaced although it took about a month. When I go to collect I happily get in it looking forward to getting reacquainted after that god damn juke. Only to pull off forecourt and hear the noise. So straight back in to dealer. I’m told it will need to be booked back in but will be fine to drive so 3 weeks later it’s back at dealer mechanic says he can hear a slight noise constantly now which wasn’t there before so now it’s worse than when it originally went it. this time the warranty company want to inspect the turbo all in total this takes about 10 weeks. Finally I get it back leave the dealer no noise feels powerful n I’m happy. I figured the feel of more power was due to driving the juke and then the next day the ***** whistle is back on start up. Warranty company then send an independent inspector to check car. He decides although sounds turbo related after 3 turbos and no different it must be elsewhere so it’s booked in for inspection to find fault. Told this will take a week. That was 10 weeks ago. I’ve now had a call saying that the warranty company are saying that the removal of the rear silencer and replacement with a straight through rear section is causing the noise due to back pressure. Before I go to dealer can anyone advise if this sounds plausible or am I being fobbed off.

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 Post subject: Re: As yet unsolved issue pls help.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:53 am 
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Without listening to it ones self its hard to say but back pressure is surley caused by a restriction in the exaust and you have increased flow by removing the back box so im not sure, i cant help but think of the other end of things the EGR valve it may be leaking air or just fkd and i think can dump presure like a dump valve.

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 Post subject: Re: As yet unsolved issue pls help.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:43 pm 
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If you have removed the rear box and fitted twin straight through pipes with no box then that will mean less back pressure not more. In theory the lack of back pressure could cause the turbo to overspool and in theory create a noise.

However, your biggest problem now is that you have altered the original specification of the cars exhaust system to which the turbo is connected. Unless this modification was clearly communicated to The warranty company then it has left them with wiggle room to get out of paying any claim. But, as they have already paid out on a turbo you could argue that the precedent has already been made.

Good luck, and i sincerely hope you get it sorted.

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