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 Post subject: 2.2 Di Red & Green SCV replacement with pics...
PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:41 pm 
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Hi All...

Well after replacing mine, I thought I would try and put a How To together with some pics... The exisiting one is great and helped me no end, but I thought some pics would help... :thumbs:

So, The tools i used were...

10mm Socket & Ratchet
14mm Socket
5mm Allen Key
Levering device (To pop the SCV's out)
Some Tape ;-)

So we start like this....


Remove the caps from the wiper blades and undo the 2 14mm nuts holding each wiper down. Remove and set aside....

The plastic scuttle panel is in 2 parts and is held in with some scrivets.. Remove these and then the panels should pop off, if pulled in the right place... ;-)

You should now see something like this....


This is the wiper motor and is held in with 4 x 10mm bolts... Remove these... Once done you will need to move this to the front of the engine bay.. You may need to cut a cable tie that hold the loom from the motor in place....

Once removed, it should look like this.....



This is the lower scuttle panel and is held in by 4 x 10mm bolts and 2 plastic scrivets at each end... Remove all these and then the whole panel should pull out and you can set this aside.... PLEASE NOTE the white clip to the left of the yellow cap needs to be unclipped before the panel can be removed.... ;-)

Leaving like this....


This will leave you with enough space to reach down the back of the SCV's, although access is still limtied and this is the fiddley bit!! :roll:

I used a little set of steps to put beside the car.. I found this gave you a better chance as you were a but higher up ;-) I did all the work with my left arm as I feel using you right hand would be nigh on impossible.... See below for what you are looking for....



Now I can only explain how the next bit goes as photos were not going to happen!! :grin:

Each SCV is held in by 2 5mm allen key bolts... I removed the Red valve first and you really have to do this by feel... The bolts are pretty short, so be carfull when taking them out not to drop them... Work through all 4 bolts.. It is fiddley, but you will get there... ;-)

Once all 4 are out then you will need to use a levering device to pop them out... Once you have popped them out the unplug and remove....

Get your new valves and give the "O" Rings a rub of Vaseline... One at a time carefully locate the new valve, with a little bit of pressure you should feel it pop back in... Then its just a case of putting the 4 bolts back in... I found the second of the green SCV bolts a bit awkward, so taped the nut to the allen key to make locating it a lot easier... You could do this for all 4 if you wanted... :idea:

Once done, then plug them back in, make sure the engine is clear of parts and try starting the car up... Mine fired after a few seconds and did not require any pumping of the fuel filter... If it starts then all is hopefully good, so refitting everything in the reverse of the above, should see the job complete :thumbs:

If it does not start you can try pumping the filter.. If this does not work, then I would recommend checking your new valves... I had 2 sets of apparently Re manufactured SCV's that were duff, so I went and bought a brand new set... After my experiance I would steer clear of any remanufactured SCV's as I have been told that Denso DO NOT remanufacter (refurb)...

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out... If you struggle then give me a shout... ;-)

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