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 Post subject: DCI Suction Control Valve (SVC) replacement (with pics)
PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 12:42 pm 
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Many thanks to Chaseltine for the original guide - I have pinched his words (my words are in italics) and added pics PDF file below.

Nissan X-Trail DCI Suction Control Valve SCV Replacement

Symptoms were uneven / erratic idling, frequently going into limp mode P1275 fault code showing

After researching on the net, I was 95% sure of the diagnosis was a faulty SCV, which is attached to the diesel fuel pump.

Rang several local Nissan dealers, but all said they would not replace the SCV, if the fault the SCV, they would only replace the whole fuel pump at a cost of over 2k !

Went to a specialist diesel centre, and they would do the replacement for £600

I couldn’t find any detailed info online on how to replace it, but bought the part and had a go.

Here is how to do it, for a total cost of £156

First, ensure you have a DCI - single valve not the twin valve (double the price) - look for the catch can at the front of the engine

1) Purchase the SCV from local diesel injector specialist, or ebay for £114
part number was DENSO - 294009-0120

2) Make sure you have both a long and a short 5mm allen key, 14mm socket, 10mm socket, flat bladed screwdriver

3) Remove the wiper arms (prise off the plastic cap, undo the nut and remove each arm)

4) Remove the tray under the wiper motor that runs the whole width of the engine bay by prising up 6 push fit plastic clips

5) Remove the wiper motor ( 4 bolts) leaving the cable in place, and move the unit to the font of the engine

6) Remove the back tray below where the wiper motor was, (4 bolts) and two push clips

This now gives you access to the rear of the engine, where the SCV is attached to the diesel pump by two screws with a 5mm allen key head.
It is located under where the wiper motor was, about 10 inches down from the top of the engine. Space is tight, and it helps to stand on a raised platform, lean over to look right down the rear of the engine to locate the screws with the help of a torch.

7) Using a short 5mm allen key ( about 6cm long) release (crack) both screws.
8) Using the long allen key ( about 15cm long) unscrew them off.

9) Pull out the SCV and then disconnect the electric connection

10) Replacement is the reverse, but the top screw is a hard one to put back in due to its location. I found the best method was to magnetize the end of the long allen key (by passing a magnet across the top several times) and then sticking the screw to it, and locating it in position.
11) Make sure the o-ring is located correctly in the grove of the pump before offering up the valve. I got it slightly wrong the first time, and it leaked diesel.

The uneven idling was instantly cured, but the limp mode will still happen until re-set by a Nissan dealer. I booked mine in for a Fuel System Re-learn, which took them about two minutes, and was charged the minimum of ½ an hour labour at £42.

The car has run perfectly ever since, so hope this helps someone else with the same issues save some money.

I discovered that my nearest Nissan Dealer no longer had the Consult 2 system required for doing the re-learn so needed to book it in with Kent Auto Panels instead.

You could also try this procedure from the Navara site.

ECU & Fuel Pump Reset Procedure

To carry out the reset carry out the following

Turn ingnition on so all dash lights come on.

Wait 3 seconds

PUMP accelerator pedel 5 times within 5 seconds....

with foot now OFF accelerator wait 7 seconds...

After 7 seconds press and hold down accelerator pedel for 10 seconds...

Atfer 10 seconds the Engine Managment Light will start to flash, at this point remove foot from accelerator.

the Nav is now in diag mode, so let the EML flash for a bit. the press and hold the acclerator pedel down for more than 10 seconds..this will then reset ECU and fuel pump etc......and put them into learning mode.

NOTE: When the EML light is flashing, this is listing possible fault codes... so if you know how to read the fault codes or know the sequences then you can figure out any possible faults with your Nav with out getting the dealer to do it!!

PDF file version with photos.
scv dci.pdf

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 Post subject: Re: DCI Suction Control Valve (SVC) replacement (with pics)
PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 4:27 pm 
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excellent... now go an do one on a DI, just in case I ever need to do it?

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