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Mod, Mode, Modus?
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Author:  Wimbo [ Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Mod, Mode, Modus?

As some know, my (working) wife will reach her pension-age coming month. Her car had to be in the MOT and the garage called back, same morning. Well sir... to be at the safe side: we have to change distribution, all rotors, blocks and front callipers. Whoops..... She drives a Citroen C-4 Coupe VTS (1.6, 170 HP) almost 9 years old. Well, I can assure you the bill should be high!! (appr. 1700 €) Cause, besides this, she had to have a big service; all filters, oil etc. (I mean the car...) So, what is wisdom...

We were already on the search of a smaller car for her, because she will not need a "big" car in the future. So, I thought I made a good deal with my garage. I propose to swap cars. He had a very nice, 7 year old Renault Modus, so we decide to buy it for her. The man was in a good mood, we have to pay a small amount of money and we are now the proud and owners of a Modus. All accessories are on it. Fold-able and heated outside mirrors, split boot-door, adjustable back-seat, board-computer, Aircon, electric adjustable windows, 1.6 engine, all is on it. We made a long drive with it and were surprised by the comfort of it! We get 4 new tires on it, 1/2 year full warranty.
What also surprised me, was the space in it!! Backseat in front position almost 400 litre, all seats down 1380 litre (!!). Plus, all kinda holes here, there and everywhere in the car, even IN the floor and under the seats, so we can speak of a small SUV... But, most important of all, she likes driving it! Well, we are all happy!!

Author:  Wimbo [ Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mod, Mode, Modus?

Found a nice movie...

The wife likes it (as she knows I lover her dearly!!

Author:  Wimbo [ Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mod, Mode, Modus?

This weekend we had the chance to get to the inns and outs of the car. I must say: I'm impressed! Specially about what's all in it. Board-computer with Wi-Fi connection to the smartphone, hands-free calling, climate-control, cornering lights, Automatic dimming mirrors, heated and folding outside mirrors, all kinda hidden spaces for packages and so on, and so on. The driving is (for such a small car) very good, it's very silent, has ASR and ABS, Brake control, limited slip diff, electronically (!) six airbags and much more... Astonished to see where the find the room to put it in!! (LOL)

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