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Re: Software Updates

Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:43 am

Betchworth wrote:John
I'm puzzled as I did 10.1 then a few days later it prompted me to upgrade again which I took to be 10.02/10.2 (?)
Having just checked my status it is now recommending I upgrade to 10.1 ??? which lists "Improves Bluetooth connectivity with third-party accessories"

I'll try it and report if it clears the problem.


It must have been 10.01 (10.0.1) originally, rather than 10.1.

Yes, 10.02 (10.0.2) came very soon afterwards.

These were mostly bug fixes.

Then 10.1 (10.1.0) came along later.

Hopefully it will fix your problem.
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