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 Post subject: Re: Previous cars?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:24 pm 
Soft Roader

Joined: Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:55 am
Posts: 27
Peugeot 205
Rover 214 GSI
Honda CRX
Impreza Turbo
Jeep Cherokee
Rover 200
Mitsubishi FTO
Mitsubishi EVO 5
Landrover Discovery 300tdi
Ford Transit
Ford Smax
Landrover Discovery TD5

Just awaiting delivery of a new T32

and some pics of a few of the cars






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 Post subject: Re: Previous cars?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:34 pm 
Off Roader
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Joined: Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:56 pm
Posts: 134
Location: Scotland - Cold wet and...cold :D
Car:: Xtrail
Model: 2.2 Dci Sport
Year/Plate: 2004
Colour: Silver
Mods: Brembo discs and pads all round. Tinted windows. Led interior lights. And a monkey swinging from my rearview mirror :D
1L 1987 Austin Metro. Cost me £250. Was brown when I bought it, took it home and gave it a wash and it turned out to be maroon :o Ended up driving myself to school in the thing. Suddenly all the 'cool' :lol: kids wanted to be my friend because I had wheels (I was the first in my year to drive) baaaahaaaa no thanks :twisted:

1989 Vauxhall Astra - I took the bumpers and bonnet from an GTE and put on my standard 1.3. Would have worked out well were it not for the fact my car was red and the bumpers/bonnet were white. Still it looked cool in my own special way ;-)

1981 Mazda 323F with a go faster stripe down the side. Cost £150

1L Nissan micra - 1989 I think. Cost about £250

1989 - Renault 5 GTX - damn I loved this car. Beautiful white colour, damn fast, looked cool :bow: Unfortunately I was young and knew very very little about cars at this stage of my life and took the wrong advice from a 'mechanic' friend. I ended up buying a host of new parts including a carburetor at £300 for this and in the end it turned out to be the head gasket but after months and months of not driving it and wasting money I had had enough and got rid of it :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: I still think about this car today, I loved it :bigcry: I still have that carb kicking around in it's box somewhere, and the GTT steering wheel and boss.

Ford Mondeo - Got pulled over the most in this car as the previous owner was one dodgy dude and known to the police. I lost the rag one time when I got 'pulled over' just as I got to work's car park. Asked somewhat unpolitely why I was being pulled over this time and the answer..... I am a young person driving an old car. Dammit women I'm skint, why the hell am I driving around in a beat up mondeo? What a pathetic excuse!

1997 1.9D Renault Clio - my first car on credit. Was about £4000 I think. Was damn proud of this. :grin: Cleaned and polished every other weekend. It ended up getting vandalized a couple of times by some pieces of sh*t and I lost interest in keeping it spotless. Ars*hol*s :twisted:

Ford Escort 1.3 My grandad passed this car onto me when he became a bit too old and unsure behind the wheel. I fixed the bashed bumper and wheel arch :shock: and had a nice set of wheels. Was damn chuffed of my handiwork :grin: My first car with electric windows :thumbs:

Another Nissan Micra - 1987 I think

Citroen Saxo 1.5D 1997 Nice little runner. Cost about £600

Ford Fiesta - 1.9TD 2001 I loved this little car, was fast, nippy, small although a bit too small as I'm over 6'. Had it only a few months. Turned out to have rust in the wrong places and was gonna cost too much, plus a long list of advisories. I was too busy with other things in my life at this stage and got rid of it too quick. I should have kept and doublechecked the garage that checked it.

Vauxhall Vectra - 2001. Lovely spacious car but a bit too pricey at the time for me to run and had a few problems.

Suzuki Ignis 1.3vvt 2007 Lovely little car to drive around. Great on fuel. Would recommend.

Lastly my jeepjeep :thumbs: Best car I have had (maybe jointly with my 5 GTX although I barely drove it). I love my exy. Great combination of power when needed, space and comfort! :bow:

I am sure I am missing a couple of cars but at the mo can't think.

Well that's my list :grin:

Although I have driven a range of vehicles I haven't owned:

BMW M3 that an ex owned. Was a comfy and fast car, gorgeous sound when you put your foot down.
VW polo, golf, transporters, crafter
Ford Galaxy, Granada, focus, more fiesta's, escorts, transits
Vauxhall vextra V6.
LDV pilot
Vauxhall frontera - lovely car
A tractor
A forklift
Some fiats whose model names I can't remember.

Music is the soul of life

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 Post subject: Re: Previous cars?
PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:21 am 
Soft Roader

Joined: Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:37 pm
Posts: 38
Location: Bucks
Car:: Xtrail
Model: T30 2.5 Auto SVE
Year/Plate: 2004
Colour: Zinc
Mods: Reversing sensors, Side Steps, Parrot, Dog Guard
Vauxhall Viva HB - Hand-painted (with a brush, previous owner!) matt black bonnet. First car £100 in 1976. Got me to Cornwall and back with the girlfriend and more.;-)
Triumph Toledo 1300- 5 1/2 J wheels, Massive at the time! Huge Cibie spotlights. (Crush easily when you run into something!)
Ford Anglia- 'cos I had to sell the Toledo for a house deposit.
Vauxhall Cavalier (Never liked Fords)
Vauxhall Carlton
MG Metro-Bought new.Total rubbish, more problems than any car since or before.
Peugeot 205 GTi - Great car, great handling.
Vauxhall Astra GTE- Quick but boring-it's a vauxhall.
Saab 900 Turbo- Oh yes, but expensive to maintain.
Rover 216 Vanden Plas- Why-o-why was it ever built and why did I buy it. The most boring car I've ever owned/driven.
BMW 325i- E30 Fantastic car-sold at 100k miles. Never a problem, should have kept it longer but was travelling 70miles to work each day.
Mercedes 190E- Built like a tank-and about as quick. But comfortable and ultra reliable. Converted.
Mercedes C180- As above with more comfort.Better all round.
Jeep Cheokee 4Litre- For the dog. Watch the fuel gauge move as you drive. Not fun.
Mercedes 190E- Ex wife took the Jeep! (but she didn't check the oil and it blew up! :lol: )
Mercedes C180- Told you I liked them.
Fiat Panda- Yellow. I'm sorry but you can't put the dog in a Merc.
Skoda Roomster Scout -1.2 TSI- For me and the dog. Couldn't afford the Yeti at the time and why buy a Volkswagen? Would buy another Skoda. Great car.
Mercedes B Class- for me and possibly the dog. No, no I just can't .
Nissan X Trail 2004 SVE - for the dog (well that's what she thinks). I love this car, to look at and to drive and it's been my go to car in the week I've owned it.
I am now considering selling the B Class and buying a second-hand runaround to have some fun in…………………..just for me.

I've probably missed a few and have had as many motorbikes and still have.

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